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Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I play Xbox far too much, and am obsessed with gamerscore, achievement hunting and completion percentages! I'm not competitive at all!

My first 'gaming' started with Rainbow Islands and Bubble Bobble on the Atari ST. My first 'console' was a Playstation and Colin McRae rally was all I ever played.

I was a little late to the Xbox party – my 360 came bundled with GTA IV. And then I discovered L4D. I met the most random bunch of people online and loved every minute of it. There was no going back. People actually cared about these things called achievements and gamerscore and mine was about 500G Something had to be done...

To be perfectly honest the rest is all a blur - epic SP campaigns with insane difficulties, crazily frustrating MP cheevos, easy 1000s (yes, I played Avatar) all helped to make me the crazy achievement whore I am today, and I fully intend to have the highest gamerscore in DTI indefinitely.

I also like technology (not the 'Apple' kind) and am a big supporter of the Windows OS across PC, tablet and phone. I've just recently upgraded to a Nokia Lumia 920, so you'll probably find me talking about it a lot.

I'm just a geeky gamer girl really. If you want to find out more about what I'm up to check out my blog, or if you prefer mini rambles, please come join me on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by.

Favourite games of all time:

  • 1) Left 4 Dead 1
  • 2) Halo series
  • 3) Borderlands
  • 4) Dead Space
  • 5) Alan Wake