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My first memories of video games was Doom on the PC. I used to go round a mates house and play deathmatch locally and at the time it was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen, I must have been 13 years old at the time. I then remember playing Wolfenstein 3D on my Pentium 75 PC running DOS. Amazing when you think that game fitted on a 3MB disc.

Then I had an Amiga 1200 and some form of flight sim on that, I would love to see that now lol.

Then from there by next biggest memory is getting the Playstation 1 for Christmas, Porsche boxter challenge was the game I had with it and must have spent hours and hours on it. I remember playing Metal gear solid which was released in 1998 and being blown away by how massive and deep the game was.

Then onwards and upwards form there, I had a PS2 and I remember a friend bought this crazy thing called an Xbox and played a game called Halo: Combat evolved. My overriding memory of seeing that game was the graphics particularly the grass I remember it looking amazing! I went out and bought one and that was it played halo and loved it. Obviously when Halo 2 came out it was amazing then the introduction to Xbox Live was just incredible no longer did I have to rope people into coming over and playing against me there were then thousands of people to play against all the time night and day 24/7. What a great great idea.

My fondest memory of gaming has to be playing Track and Field on the PS1 at my friends house, the positions you put your body in to tap those buttons as quick as possible was insane, literally playing till your fingers bled and just carrying on. So much fun.

My greatest ever gaming moment was when the DTI clan were in Gamebattles and we had a match, playing in Mansion on Gears of war. I was in a stair case against 3 enemies I was walking up the stairs and all 3 came in the top everyone was dancing round shot guns going off the pressure knowing your whole team is watching you. By pure luck one by one the exploded in front of me. The best part however was returning to the lobby hearing your team singing “another one bites the dust” to the opposition. : )

Now DTI is ready to take it to the next step. So i look forward to welcoming new clan members and the games that will come with that. Heres the the future.


Favourite games of all time:

  • 1) Halo series
  • 2) Metal Gear solid 4
  • 3) Gears of war series
  • 4) Left 4 Dead 1&2
  • 5) Grand theft Auto series