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DTI Klr Claude

Where to begin with my long history of gaming addiction...? Well my first 'gaming system' was my Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k where you would mainly find me playing Manic Miner and a bit of Daley Thompson Decathlon doing a lot of button mashing to make my sprite run faster! However my first experience of multiplayer co-op gaming would be Gauntlet (Even managed to finish a whole tape, both sides and get started on an expansion pack!). Beyond that I have had pretty much one of everything so a few standout games and console combo's would be:

  • Atari 2600 - Yars Revenge
  • Master System - Alex the Kid
  • Megadrive - All the Sonics and World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
  • SNES - Pilot Wings & Mario Kart
  • Playstation - Gran Turismo
  • Gameboy Advance - Mario Kart Advance
  • PC - Medal of Honor
  • Gamecube - SSX Tricky & Mario Kart Double Dash

I think my whole outlook on gaming changed with the XBOX and Burnout3:Takedown, made some great friends and rose up to no.7 in the world (I do have a photo of this somewhere) and Halo 2 really switched me back on to FPS and the Halo series. After this I took a small break and branched into a bit of casual gaming (Nintendo DS, PSP) while i travelled the world for 5 odd years, upon my return I finally got my 360 and a nice back catalogue of games to work through! There was also this little unknown game called Call of Duty that a few people were playing, with my previous love of Medal of Honor, I knew I was gonna have a lot of fun getting into this game!

But by far and away the game that I have loved the most and the only one I have completed multiple times just for fun and not cheevo's, has to be Batman Arkham Asylum, a gorgeous looking game, great controls and amazing story! So upon its release I will be holed up for a week playing Arkham City until my fingers bleed!

Remember, Make Cheevo’s, Not War!........... Sod it, Kill’em All