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I started my gaming at the very early age of 4 using a Vectrex system so called Vectrex because of its vector display it had built into it if you have not seen one you need to google it.

I then went on to own Atari 2600, Amiga 500, game boy, NES, master system, mega drive, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and maybe a few others I have forgotten about. Some of my best memories come from gaming: Like when I got the rocket launcher game for the SNES, multi player on golden eye or completing double dragon two. I now spend most of my time on the Xbox playing on line with fellow DTI members.

Favourite games of all time:

  • Halo series
  • Fifa Series
  • Grand theft Auto series
  • Gran torismo series
  • Gears of war series