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I remember owning my first ever console, the Sega mega drive. I must have been about 9 or 10 and playing the triple pack of super hang on, world cup Italia 90 & columns. And not ignoring the fact it also came with the fast paced sonic. The colours where so bright and beat anything like the Sega master system or NES. After a few years of owning the mega drive and collecting a large number of classic titles such as streets of rage 1 & 2, moonwalker and echo the dolphin, I then got for Xmas the PlayStation. That’s the start for me of the new level of gaming. I remember just how amazed I was when the graphics where just so so much more detailed than anything I had played at home before.

Not too long after that I owned the N64. Again for me this was just such and great console playing the likes of Zelda and goldeneye till the early hours of the morning. And almost missing exams!!

This all lead to me moving to the likes of the PS2 and Xbox. Still to this day nothing beats playing on gran turismo 3 or even owning on Halo. This is when I first got into online gaming. Playing Halo 2. Absolutely lost days playing online trying and I mean trying, to own!!

Then I started to work in an independent game shop and this is when I could start to see how gaming can get very serious. This is when I got my first Xbox 360 (a week early I hasten to add) and started my life of proper online gaming. Halo 3 was my first love and then Gears of War is where I had come in contact with an old dear mate who had started up a clan.

Now I have fellow DTI members who share my passion of gaming and i am looking forward to start a bit of serious team smashing online.


To be fair I haven’t had many, if any great moments of gaming but to me just to reach a completion of any game is amazing. But I have had some amazing moments online; just don’t know yet whether they were pure and incredible skill or just pure blind luck.

Favourite games of all time:

  • 1) Gears of war 1&2 ( soon to be 3)
  • 2) Halo series
  • 3) Fifa ( 06 onwards)
  • 4) Metal gear solid series
  • 5) Batman: Arkham Asylum